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05.11.2017 , 12:34 AM | #25
Extra ships will help initial req gains if new players get as far as the dailies and weeklies.
Someone posted a 25K req token the other day. - which is enough to buy a few basic upgrades, but doesn't give more than you can do in a few matches with the daily and weekly payouts, so it's really only a small boost.
If they can't revamp the ships, then maybe reword some of the tooltips might be a start. ( "don't buy this, it's rubbish" )

However a flood of newcomers might just end up cannon fodder for us vets, or simply encourage a lot more GS and Bomber spam.

But overall, it's at least something. If we get just 20 or 30 new players on each server it'd be a start, and the eye of Sauron turns this way for a brief second, so that's good too.

Shame the golden age of GSF has long passed us by. But still a small hope for a renaissance. - Yay!
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