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Someone frame this post and hang it on Wall of Crazy at Austin so they see it everyday and implement more changes that encourage new/casual players to try and keep engaging in GSF. Legacy/faction hangars next, PVE starfighter missions after (especially as part of the core storyline of new expansions), and only then new pvp GSF maps/modes.
Well, you know, its funny right, because I never in a million years would have predicted the behemoth that is Galactic Command, let alone that a ground end game gearing system would increase participation in GSF. So, I won't go so far as to suggest a pve-version of GSF ought to take priority over a new GSF game mode, but I won't discount the possibility it could be even more successful than galactic command in revitalizing GSF.

And, I'll make this prediction: expect some more Cartel Market related starfighter things before the New Year. There's no way they will pass up an opportunity to monetize more of the game. Such as, but not limited to, new skins for T3 ships, new color modules, engine reactants, blaster gas canisters, and paint jobs. I especially predict the Zakuulan interceptor will be a re-skin of the T3 scout and the Koth/Theron shuttle will be a reskin of the T3 gunship.
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