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Thank you. I too get sick and tired of these people telling me how I should play because they think I should like the empire (or republic). I wish people would quit trying to make my choices for me. I frankly don't care what their opinion is regarding the alliance. You don't like it fine, but there are some that do so for those of us that do, do me a favor and let us make our own choices.
Yup this post is making me facepalm ( OP post) I love the alliance I mean my agent kept it even though he is loyal to the empire ( I say empire and not sith as he believes the power structure needs to be changed) due to having his own faction and free will to fight the fights he chooses to. The alliance is an amazing addition to the game and disbanding it can cause big problems as it would give an excuse for companions not to be around any more. I mean I do hope they do this if you choose a side however like Pub patriots will leave and you might have to fight them or kill them later down the line as a consequence. I really wanna know how this crap is going to play out as a sab. Right now my Inquistor is my sab and lana and theron both know about it as they're his BFF'S
Why doesn't someone just bring a big thing of bug spray to alderaan and take care of the kilik problem there?.