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Your JK doesn’t sound like a Jedi then...

That’s the problem with the Alliance. Jedi who want to remain Jedi wouldn’t carry on with the a Alliance shenanigans. Troopers wouldn’t be Republic Troopers anymore. So really the only class for the Republic faction that works to remain Alliance without totally ripping the reason for choosing the class in the first place is the Smuggler. Oh and if you really wanted to be a Scoundrel then that’s not really going to play out for a lay low type if you’re the “Commander” of the Alliance. It just kind of ruins the reason why people wanted to be the OG class imo. At least for Republic characters and in my mind Imperial characters too, though I know there are more arguments (valid ones) for Imps doing the whole Alliance Commander deal.
How's this for a reason for a Jedi to keep the Alliance:
My JC feels that, while still an ally to the Jedi, she herself is no longer truly a Jedi - she's been set upon a different path by Satele and Marr, one that she feels she needs to follow and explore as far as she possibly can. In addition, Odessen is a key strategic location in the galaxy due to being perfectly balanced in the Force, and thus needs a caretaker to protect it. After all, what happened to the only other perfectly balanced planet that's ever been encountered? Oh, right, Tenebrae ate it (Nathema), which was how he became so immensely powerful in the first place.

For these reasons, she chose to remain the Alliance Commander and hopes to reshape the Alliance appropriately to act as representatives for the Barsen'thor, a title that was never (and would never have been) stripped from her, as through KOTET/KOTFE, she lived up to it yet again - initially killing Valkorion (even though that proved a mistake, there's no way she could have known that beforehand), defeating Arcann, then Vaylin, and finally Valkorion once again. And let's not forget the superweapons of the traitor arc, as well.

Basically, she feels her responsibilities as Barsen'thor, the Galactic Warden, would be more readily performed by remaining where she is as the Alliance Commander.
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