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I have the feeling -- REAL faction change ?
not gonna happen -- and would we really really want it anyway ?

my agent is not going back to being the "Yesman" / assassin of the empire --- not going back to it; BUT..
What can my agent possibly really DO in the SIS ? office job ? boring ... and besides, Theron would not even WANT her to go back to spying ...
Way too dangerous for her to go back to being a spy -- every BH in the galaxy would be after her ( not to mention loyal IAs )

So -- logically, can we have a true, real faction change ?

I am happy with the saboteur -- and the Alliance -- too much "water under the bridge" and I've spent way too much time and effort ( and "real" in game money) to let it go now

And for BHs -- how many times have people said they wished the BH could work for the Republic ?--
technically, they are their own bosses -- they work for the highest payer
so ... why do they even need a change ? just start having the Republic give them Imperial targets -- no one likes them anyway (lol j/k -- but maybe a grain of truth there )

And my JK -- she is a Jedi -- not a sith, and not becoming one
NO she doesn't want to switch sides or go back to the Republic -- the Republic was useless in the fight against Valkorian -- no I don't have ships anymore, true --
BUT they don't have me; the hero of the whole dang game lol
and I will NOT go back to being a pawn and subordinate to a worthless, weak Jedi council or to a disorganized childish dark council -- no, sorry --
better to stay independent ( and as for my smuggler, she feels the same way -
I'm a Commander now, not just a smuggler )
Your JK doesn’t sound like a Jedi then...

That’s the problem with the Alliance. Jedi who want to remain Jedi wouldn’t carry on with the a Alliance shenanigans. Troopers wouldn’t be Republic Troopers anymore. So really the only class for the Republic faction that works to remain Alliance without totally ripping the reason for choosing the class in the first place is the Smuggler. Oh and if you really wanted to be a Scoundrel then that’s not really going to play out for a lay low type if you’re the “Commander” of the Alliance. It just kind of ruins the reason why people wanted to be the OG class imo. At least for Republic characters and in my mind Imperial characters too, though I know there are more arguments (valid ones) for Imps doing the whole Alliance Commander deal.
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