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12.16.2019 , 02:12 PM | #55
I have the feeling -- REAL faction change ?
not gonna happen -- and would we really really want it anyway ?

my agent is not going back to being the "Yesman" / assassin of the empire --- not going back to it; BUT..
What can my agent possibly really DO in the SIS ? office job ? boring ... and besides, Theron would not even WANT her to go back to spying ...
Way too dangerous for her to go back to being a spy -- every BH in the galaxy would be after her ( not to mention loyal IAs )

So -- logically, can we have a true, real faction change ?

I am happy with the saboteur -- and the Alliance -- too much "water under the bridge" and I've spent way too much time and effort ( and "real" in game money) to let it go now

And for BHs -- how many times have people said they wished the BH could work for the Republic ?--
technically, they are their own bosses -- they work for the highest payer
so ... why do they even need a change ? just start having the Republic give them Imperial targets -- no one likes them anyway (lol j/k -- but maybe a grain of truth there )

And my JK -- she is a Jedi -- not a sith, and not becoming one
NO she doesn't want to switch sides or go back to the Republic -- the Republic was useless in the fight against Valkorian -- no I don't have ships anymore, true --
BUT they don't have me; the hero of the whole dang game lol
and I will NOT go back to being a pawn and subordinate to a worthless, weak Jedi council or to a disorganized childish dark council -- no, sorry --
better to stay independent ( and as for my smuggler, she feels the same way -
I'm a Commander now, not just a smuggler )
Everquest to Star Wars Old Republic .....
from Swords and Shields to Blasters and Rockets .......