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again -- I love the Alliance
My BH will NOT go back to the Empire -- my agent will tell the Empire to shove it ..
and my JK is finished with the council -- couldn't even defend the Republic -- useless
I stay where I am for a reason, or several reasons
Well based on class story LS BH, and neutral Agent are no longer tied to the Empire at all. Same goes for Smuggler for all situation to the Republic.

The problem with the Alliance is, that the original reason of it's existence is no longer exist. Even worse they lost the Eternal fleet so they no longer capable to challenge the Republic, or the Empire. It would make sense, if half of the people would simply leave stating, that they won't fight against the Republic/Empire.

The real thing, that i miss is the true side change. I hate being a saboteur. It just doesn't feel right to be such traitor.