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Ok, hold your britches, everyone!

I kinda see the Alliance as Lord Hoth's army of Light, and the militarization of the Jedi. This was necessary to combat Lord Kaan's Brotherhood of Darkness, and once the Battle of Ruusan was completed the Army of Light was disbanded when the Republic Drafted the Ruusan Reformation.

The Alliance was necessary to accommodate the Displaced Citizens of the Galaxy, and to outright Combat the Eternal Empire because both the Republic and Empire had signed treaties, and were being blockaded by the Eternal Fleet. Any acts of open aggression would have seen them obliterated under the might of the Eternal Fleet.

Now that the Eternal Empire has fallen, the Alliance has served it purpose. The Jedi Knight and Sith Inquisitor who I believe are the main protagonists of SWTOR would have rejoined their respective fractions. The Jedi have no desire to rule and the Inquisitor has always harbored hopes of ruling the Empire.

That being said, it is up to players to play their main character based no how they feel the story would have progressed canonically for that character.

The Saboteur Option doesn't make sense for Force users but it does for non-force users. Just in the same way that retaining the alliance is more ideal for non-force users than force users. Either way, the issue is not whether BW removes the Alliance altogether (cause keeping the alliance is just a variable story line) but how believable it makes the so-called "canon; story-line.