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It is good, tovarishch sampolit, that you found This thread and initiated enforcement of correction on perpetraitors of crime. Silence is sign of banishment to camps of labour for enemy of thought-regime.

It is imperative that labour to ensure correctionality of thought continues. Anti-regime thoughts disguised in form of ícivil discussioní are wolf in sheep clothing tool of menshevik and fat cat corporate slave. This is illumination of necessesity of fighting dissident. By employment of tool of beaureaucracy and silent coercion, enemy of people will not employ devious modus of ícivil discussioní against interest of thought Regime. Enemy will be halted at any cost.

Tovarishch Eksenia
Eeeeeeeeehmmm, sure... first of all I am not Russian (the -rus in Ylliarus is actually more coincidental than intended) but okay, the confusion is understandable.

Secondly, I have no idea what you're trying to say XD
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