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Sometimes showing strong women is done right and sometimes it isn't.

People like to point out how Rey was able to use the force with little to no training, but forget that Anakin was using the force at nine years old to pod race, and he didn't even know he was using the force. Or that Leia did what she did in the second film, despite her being the daughter of Darth Vader, and Luke could of helped her along at sometime during the break between ROTJ and TFA.
Anakin was using the force subcontiously. It wasn't active usage. To actively use the force like Rey does with zero training is the issue.

Hell I jad no issues with Rey having the force vision, or being mentally resistant to Kylo. That is very subtle use of the force. Or traits as Qui-Gon said in Phantom Menace about Anakin.

But using the force to pull, or doing a Jedi mind trick with no training. I'm calling bull****.
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