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I purchased a guild ship the day before they announced the change in price.. yes, am very annoyed they didn't offer a refund. That came out of my pocket and took me over a year to save for. Not everyone is good at earning credits.
I would love at least a credit to open a room.
I can see how that's frustrating. It's like buying a shirt on the store that goes on sale 75% off the next day.

I wish opening a room didn't cost between 100 and 300 million credits, on a good day. They said the conquest changes were supposed to increase guild participation, but based on the price on encryptions increasing 500% or more, it must be the opposite.

Plus, my guild was incredibly frustrated with spending 1 million credits (a lot for us because our play style doesn't generate a lot of credits and we don't have a ton of free time to farm/craft) on a temporary boost. Especially when we used to get a flat XP bonus that didn't cost credits to keep active.

The reduced flagship cost is a move in the right direction but more is needed.
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