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I will put Darth Nox before the ghosts at tier 3 close to tier 4 after ghosts he is tier 5. Do not get me wrong as a sith lord he was stronger then a jedi master.
A) Force walking is a difficult ritual, and the average Sith cannot bind the dead. The average Sith Lord will simply fail and die. That's a fact. "Even the great Tulak Hord didn't tangle with ghosts"- Khem to the SI.
Most sith lords would simply die. Most likely, all the other PCs would die to, they'd never be able to bind the dead due to it being a dark side ritual that demands "a rare pull amongst ghosts", as Kallig describes it.

B) as an acolyte, he defeats a dashade in single combat, which is actually incredibly impressive. This is much more impressive than the feats the JC, SW or JK had at similar times, and he had less training than all (even though it's natural to assume that the SI spends much more time than the other 3 at the starter planet, as he goes through the academy normally, the SW does not and the jedi are already "almost fully trained."

C) Nox, as an apprentice on the first planet he arrives at, has the most feats toO. He kills every single apprentice of Skotia, as well as a Sith Lord, before killing a Darth as well. But surely, he's "an average sith lord" before he binds the dead, even though he's capable of destryoing an entire powerbase at this stage. Wrath never did something close to that at this stage;Neither did the JK or JC before later in their careers. But the apprentice that destroyed an entire Darth's powerbase at this early phase is "an average Sith lord".

Nox also managed difficult rituals like mind healing and dream walking.
You may not like Nox, but Nox isn't even a tiny bit weaker than the other PCs. Not even without the ghosts. Thanaton is shown as one of the most powerful sorcerers in-game; by the way, as you can see in the SI-ending. Much more impressive than let's say, Baras. Much more. Thanaton is actually a master of the Dark side.

Also; Thanaton didn't "bother to check" because he could feel the darn SI being dead, because he was indeed dead for a moment. He didn't think that the SI had force-walked, because, nobody force-walks; people don't dare try and everyone that tries fails.
*Valkorion being the only other person that we know of thasn't failed.

-See the conversation("Dream of Empire"- "I always hoped I'd add you to my collection" -SI "I could say the same"- Valky

Saying that Nox is close to an "average sith lord" without the ghosts is simply comical. It's like saying that the Wrath is "just the average muscle, found at every corner, nothing special to see here, luckily for him some big people pushed him in the right direction, could've been anyone!"