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12.16.2015 , 04:53 PM | #26
I think some people are overestimating Forcewalking.

It doesn't grant true immortality, just seems to bind the Inquisitor's spirit to their body so the Force can heal themselves. It pretty much the exact same thing as what Valkorion does with the Outlander if you lose the duel with Arcann. Sort of like Force CPR. Destroy the body, stab the heart with a lightsaber, cut off a head and nobody is coming back from that. Hence why the Inquisitor's class mission on Rishi is about whether or not they are going to pursue immortality foolishly as Talos puts it.

Honestly the Inquisitor's survival is a more a testament to Thanaton's carelessness than anything else. The guy is supposed to be an expert in Force lore and rituals and he just doesn't seem to be able to put it together with how to react to the Inquisitor until the Inquisitor has the upperhand.