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I've been queuing for rateds a lot more lately, and just playing with healers in general. I've been almost exclusively Carnage for this time, and I have learned one new thing:

As Carnage, Predation is amazing, and many times I use it over Berserk because it has so much more utility. It also takes skill to use it properly and not mess up your rotation/targetting etc. Basically, if you blow predation, you get defensive boosts and speed boosts, and honestly the speed boosts are what help the most. That 80% speed man, it makes it so incredibly hard for melee and even ranged dps to follow you as you zoom around them, overwhelming them with fast hits and faster movement.

Plus, running that fast with red streaks and lightsabers swinging around someone looks fuggin baller as hell.

I've had people whisper me after imp vs imp warzones saying stuff like "my god you are insane, I can't even begin to keep up with your playstyle!". It's an extremely frenetic, super charged play style that goes very well with fast paced heavy metal =). And, it counters people that are getting knocked out of range, helps your healers easily kite melee that are on them, etc. Try it, you'll thank me, and your team will thank you. The dps loss from not having 1 second GCD Massacres for a short time is worth what you gain in most cases.
It's totally dependent on the situation. Massacre spam with Berserk puts an insane amount of pressure on someone, especially with Gore active. It's especially nice for those pesky Operative healers.