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Focus/Rage spec was horrible for 1 v 2+ and never dealt consistent enough damage for me imo. It's like a one-trick pony, and against experienced players they simply knock you back when they see your stacks of singularity (or the imp equivalent is) get up. Sure, smashing an entire node in Novare Coast is fun, but the other three warzones, not so much. Even in Voidstar, unless a team has 4 healers/rdps stacked together, you'll do substantially less damage than Carnage or Watchman, and ditto in Civil War. That has been my experience playing Focus/Rage spec I guess.
Your experience is entirely different from my own.

I found Rage to do the most damage of all 3 specs. In Voidstar especially, which is just a frag fest, it's easy to get a 20k+ smash on a group of enemies. I also like that extra little charge that Rage gives you (I never remember the names of these skills). You can leap to snipers in cover with it, so it's really nice against those pesky jerks.

For me, Rage was a lot of fun, and something I'll likely do again some time, but I find Annihilation to be my bread n butter.

Personally, I would very highly recommend all Marauders put a good week or so into each of the 3 specs. Become good at all of them. Truth of the matter is we are lucky as hell to have a class with 3 viable specs. If you're good at all 3 then you don't need to worry about the inevitable questionable decisions BioWare makes with the class in the future.
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