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09.06.2012 , 06:33 AM | #66
Yes, i see that many players share this opinion of urs and thats why i guess that players with this spec will always be the minority among sentinels/marauders. Other than that it is said that a guardian/juggernaut will excel much more in theory. But in reality i never saw that happen.

I played Focus/Rage since i chose sentinel as AC back in december, i leveled with it until 50 and sticked with it long time after until one day i got defeated by another sentinel for the first time who was watchman spec. It has its weaknesses, yeah sure, but so does Combat/Carnage and Watchman/Anni. Depending on the situatiion, one spec shines over the other. But one thing i can tell u, if one plays Focus/Rage like a one-trick pony then one will always get shut down no matter what. When i was this spec i always tried to play unpredictable as i can. U dont have to use sweep/smash every time as soon as u got the stacks up, u have a fair amount of time to choose when this happens and position urself to make the most out of it. And u certainly shouldnt rely soley on this ability for max damage and wait every time till its up. There are so many other tools one can use, for example spamming 6 free slahses which can hit 2 enemies at the same time can confuse the hell out of people, force exhaustion/crush in combination with rupture/cauterize gives u very nice dot damage, master strike when the opportunity is good etc. I know that this spec isnt for all, but for me its lots of fun and if i can perform well with it others can surely too.