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09.05.2012 , 07:51 PM | #64
Oright, after two days of trying out Combat/Carnage here are my thoughts so far:

First thing i noticed is: I can take down a player twice as fast as before if he lets me (compared to watchman/anni)

2nd thing is: i die twice as much as before, which on the other hand was kinda to be expected specially since i never played this spec at lvl 50 before

And so i currently try to fix point 2 as much as i can, trying to find ways how to keep me alive when we have no competent healer in my team or position and move myself strategically in such a way that ill become less affected by the stunfest which always happens in wzs. Everything, absolutely everything changed.

And yet it was much fun

Damagewise im still lacking a bit behind watchman/anni but that can surely be improved. But i doubt i could top Focus/Rage. One thing i really miss from the other specs is my old self-confidence in engaging fights with multiple opponents. If its one on one i can handle it just like the other specs. But if there is more than one at same time i might be able to burst down the first but dont have enough health/time to finish the rest. I know that when i was Watchman/Anni or Focus/Rage i could do 1vs2 or even 1vs3s many times and still emerge as the victor. But since im trying to improve point 2 i have to avoid these fights for now as much as possible...
Well yeah, my ego has to live with that lol

Oh yeah, and before anyone wants to point out i should get a premade with a good healer - yep that is totally doable but i still wanna test how far i can go on my own with this spec since i never really needed a premade for me to unleash my full potential in the other 2 specs.