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Ok, so first off, let's all be honest here (and will someone try to put some sort of a number on this), how much of an actual difference is there in Survivability between the 3 Specs? My first 50 PvP character was a Jedi Shadow, and when I hear people talk about "This spec has more survivability" I always feel a little P.T.S.D. about different Specs' so called "survivability". As with a Shadow Tank Spec obviously gives you tank-worthy survivability, Balance Spec gives you baby self heals for crit DoT ticks (they really add up), and then the Stealth Spec has possibly the WORST survivability in the entire game (Light Armor, no self heals, no bubble, etc)

I've only gotten my Marauder up to 37 now, and went Annihilation from 11-35, then tried Carnage for 1 level, and Rage for 1 level. Currently back to Annihilation because, unlike the other Specs (at this point in time) I don't have to worry about any procs. I just do my thing, and everything goes as regular, as opposed to having to get 4 Force Choke ticks before a Smash, or checking if my Force Scream procs are all up.

From what I've noticed is the baby heals from Annihilation add up, but so far that's all they do - is add up and give me a Healing Total, but doesn't really have much actual impact on my matches, except for in 1v1 situations.

The biggest thing I missed when I checked out the other Specs was I was SO used to having no Minimum Distance on Force Charge that I found myself trying to Force Charge people while I'm right in their face.

My god though, nothing beats watching a single Smash hit 3-5 people all for 2.5k+

Also, 2 more personal things I had gotten used to (and miss) from Carnage Spec was the abundance of Immobilize. Force Charge, Deadly Throw and Ravage all Immobilize people, which is amazing in Huttball! Also, the other thing I miss about the Carnage was being a Predation FACTORY. I never used Berserk in Carnage Spec, as it never really seemed to suit my situation/playstyle, so I would have Predation going round the clock. There was 1 match on Novare Coast where I was allowed to live long enough to fire off 3 Predations for my team!

Really excited to continue this character and get to level 40, where we start to get super beefcake.

Also, DEATH TO THE INFIDEL GUNSLINGERS!!! I cannot for the life of me take down a Gunslinger unless I catch them with their pants down. Even with Rage Spec, Obliterate has such a short range, it doesn't really make that much of a difference against them *sad face*