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I remember back in the day when they Were all different : not only in their combat roles, but in their crafting abilities as well... i.e. certain companions had a bonus to crafting certain things... i.e. Jorgan for Armstech, Yuun for Investigation, etc. so much so that, once I became aware of this as I was learning the game, I choose crafts for different characters based on what the companion skills were bonused.

I like the fact that now you can have whichever companion you'd like to go around with: although some of the flashpoints/ Kotfe, etc you are restricted to using certain companions.

The reason why the companions don't have dialogue in end-game is because of voice actors...
nowadays they don't have them coming in because of the covid pandemic, but before there was a strike I believe, or it could be the expense involved... they are no longer dropping the huge amounts of money into game development that they were when the game was started in 2011-2012.
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