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Opposing view on one aspect. I like that they are, from a combat point of view, interchangeable. Why? Well, this feature allows me to select a companion to come with me based on who the companion is rather than what his or her combat abilities are.

I played back when companions had fixed combat roles, although the healers could be set to favour healing over DPS or DPS over healing. It was a problem because my "main" at the time was a female Commando who went round with Elara rather than with her boyfried Aric, because Elara could heal and Aric could not. If I start a new female Trooper now, she can go around with her boyfriend the whole way.

Add to that the discrepancies on when healer companions joined the crew(1), and it made some classes annoying to play.

(1) List:
* Trooper = Capital+1 (Elara on Taris)
* Consular = Capital+2 (Tharan on Nar Shaddaa)
* Knight = Capital+5 (Doc on Balmorra)
* Smuggler = Capital+7 (Guss on Hoth)
* Bounty Hunter = Starter/Capital-1 (Mako on Hutta)
* Inquisitor = Capital+7 (Talos Drellik on Hoth)
* Warrior = Capital+1 (Quinn - spit - on Balmorra)
* Agent = Capital+4 (Vector on Alderaan)
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