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11.21.2020 , 07:52 PM | #1
I may not have been the only one to say this before but I truly believe with all the new content that has come out over the recent years, companions should have more of an impact to our gaming experience. Like hear me out on this, forget the whole dps/tank/heal malarky for a moment and think that each companion should be given their own list of skills/abilities that make them unique, requiring you (the player) to possibly mix and match to get the best use out of your companion roster. After KOTEE and KOTET, I and many others have clearly amassed a large roster of companions who we probably never use, which shouldnít be the case in a game as developed as this.

I also feel that conversations with companions should be more frequent now, even a new line or conversation after each mission in the story, something to keep things free-flowing and in the present. For those of you who got comps like Risha, Mako, Torian, Aric, etc, where are they now? It is almost like they all have disappeared from the story? I mean, Risha and Mako never even participated in any of the story either. These companions need more meaningful impact besides approve/disapprove, they need to be more involved! A great example can be with the KOTEE episodes around Vette, Torian, Aric and Kaliyo, choosing to kill off companions, exile, just giving us more chance and opportunity to deal with the huge roster of companions we have!

I have no problem with how the story has gone so far. I am a satisfactory customer who has thoroughly enjoyed playing SWTOR for a long time, just after it was released and have rarely critiqued the game one bit. Compared to other Star Wars games, this has been a long-standing one for me and I hope to see this through for a good while yet! ☺️