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01.24.2012 , 07:47 PM | #12
Today was raid day. My sorc mate (sorc + sorc = ololol in your terms) wasn't there and it was:


So the new lvl 50 OP with some pieces of orange and some tionese stuff was told to heal alone as far as he could. Trash = no prob for him. On bosses i simply need to heal here and there and (yes) bring a grp heal up 3-4 times. Basicly there was no difference between sorc+sorc heal and sorc + OP heal.

Next id The op (now with ione columni item [Yeha]) will heal the Operation with a merc (fresh 50 pure orange).

What do i wan't to say, simple thing: It's not all about sorcs and sorcs are not your enemy . Mercs and OP's just need some tweaks in theyre ressource managment, OP's need a little mor burst heal, BH a little more hot's. After all it's the energy regen that brake the casuals neck.