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03.31.2019 , 12:03 AM | #1
Please tell me how a lvl 10 Jugg with no implants, ear, relic and only a training Sabre with no crystals, can kill someone in 3 hits against a lvl 27 fully geared Merc with DCDs up and self healing?
Then go on to do 800k damage in the arena match, but his biggest hits are 11000.
I know Bolster does some weird **** sometimes, but not that weird.
Anyone know of an exploit that does this?

Oh, and had an Operative in Odessen running around with red mods and he was fully stealthed. Kept de-activing the nodes while stealthed too. Only caught him doing it cause I AOE’d him to bring him out of stealth. Certainly not a bug cause he did similar bizarre crap in other matches. He has a similar name to one of those wintraders who got caught.
(I wasn’t the only person who saw this person cheating).

I know it’s only lowbies and who cares? But honestly, if they have to cheat on lowbies there is something really wrong with them.

Said Jugg. Just watched him destroy another team single handed while the rest of us watched. He’s now lvl 13 and they were all close to lvl 40.
Told him I was recording to show Bioware and the next 2 matches he can’t even get 100k because he turned his cheats off. So sad.