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I really don't see why people are complaining about jugg tank threath? I rarely have issues with it, only times I might lose aggro is when opening and everybody's got all their offensives and is doing opening burst, which is why the 4piece is so great, because you get a straight 18 seconds of guaranteed boss facing you, which is enough time to gather enough aggro.
Totally agree with this. The class is not overly difficult to play.

I think with the changes brought about to the class in 3.0, Immortal Juggernauts got a decent boost to AoE threat. Crushing Blow in combination with the Aegis Assault buff and our Sweeping Slash attack both hit up to 8 targets, up from 4. Saber Reflect also helps a lot with generating threat on multiple targets. Yes, Powertechs and Assassins still perform better for AoE threat, but I think that's the beauty in playing the class -- it's challenging, but fun.

I think the only issue I have is when targets are spread out, just the affects of being a purely melee class. I find Threatening Scream + Saber Reflect helps in these sort of situations.
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