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08.27.2015 , 12:26 PM | #38
Lets be honest here people. Jugg tanking sucks!!!! Always has and always will until the devs stop catering to pvp players. Pvp and pve gear, set bonus, and so on should be completely different. I Jugg tanked for years and I will probably never use that toon again in a raid. Awesome defensive abbilities, Zero threat (this has been the issue since beta and the devs think that making a Jugg tank harder to kill is going to help my raid team, that's what my healers for). When are you going to give Juggs a decent chance of holding threat? Backhand? What a joke!! The whole class is a joke. The only tank worth playing is a powertech and you guys are going to screw that up with 4.0 i'm pretty sure. All because a bunch of pvp'ers are complaining. As usual. You guys have dumbed this game down worse than WOW, and bordering on GW2. PVE Jugg tanks don't need a passive speed boost brought on by proc. Assasin tanks have one, PT tanks have one, and of course once again juggs get the shaft. The gear that is available is a joke as well. Alacrity? Really? Why in God's name would any tank choose alacrity over main stat or tertiary? It's mind boggling that you guys would even have that discussion at the table. Before you start trying to improve (Bwhahahahahahahah!!!!!) the set bonuses, why don't you finally fix the myriad of things that have been wrong with Juggs since you guys launched this game? You've had 4 years!!!!!! And nothing!!!! So stupid!!!!. We need threat above and beyond anything else, a speed boost ability that is activated like the other tanks have, NO MORE ALACRITY!!! None of us care what you say about this worthless stat (Unless your a healer). Alacrity should not be in a single piece of gear, at all. for tanks. Period!! Get it through your heads!!! NO ALACRITY!!! Threat, we need threat.