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08.14.2015 , 03:24 PM | #36
A set bonus increasing defense chance by a small amount would be amazing
Why would we need even more protection against M/R+K/E damage? Juggs are vulnerable to F/T+KE damage and thats why we need shield or absorb. Furthermore I/E damage was increased within the new operations which made Assasin Tanks really valuable for their increased protection against this damage type especially with the old 186 gear. Not to mention PTs with their gread DCD Explosive fuel which increased their chance to resist I/E damage by 30%. Either more shield/absorb or more shielding by sonic barrier/sonic wall otherwise Juggs will fall behind.

Furthermore defense does not do anything in pvp. Keep in mind that pvp setbonus and pve setbonus are the same. Most dmg in pvp is F/T+KE. Thus we need more shield or absorb. Compared to pts or assas Juggs just have the lowest shield and absorb of those classes because most of our skills only increase defense chance. Looking at the new class talents also reveals that ravage now gives us 6% more defense. Wow even more uselessness. This exactly shows how much designers want the jug to be the defense tank, instead of balancing the classes. But without making F/T+K/E defendable with the new addon the changes are going to make the juggernaut the worst tank.

I get that sabre reflect is a major component for pve bosses, but it's useless in common pvp applications, given its puny attributes and cooldown, within unpredictable punitive contexts.
It was made less useful for most pve bosses