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08.03.2015 , 12:17 AM | #34
Set bonuses are irrelevant.

Jug tanking in pvp is a complete joke.

The immortal tree is laughable by design.

The "enhanced dps"(????) attributes are disgraceful.

I get that sabre reflect is a major component for pve bosses, but it's useless in common pvp applications, given its puny attributes and cooldown, within unpredictable punitive contexts.

Crushing blow??? Lmfao. If crushing blow could deliver and also spread the Shii-cho force crush effect, then pvp jug tanks *might* stand a chance at comparable dps output like our PT counterparts.

Until they revamp the Immortal tree, pvp jug tanking will always be a pathetic waste of time.

Atrocious. ATROCIOUS!!!