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You don't have to be a leader, but as a tank I often find I have to know the most about the mechanics of the fight, compared to the other members of the group, while they are certainly relevant some things are more relevant for tanks than to other roles. Often times I do find myself in a leadership position as a tank because of this, even if I am not the leader of the group I will often be the de facto leader as I am often the one explaining mechanics and calling out certain things I notice over the course of the battle. I think this is also partly because the tank is the one who leads the way, but I think this has less to do with it. Personally I think it is simply because the tank is the one who has to change their strategy the most over the course of the fight, and so you tend to get a better grasp of the way the mechanics interact with each other.

Basically, you don't have to lead as a tank if you don't want to, though I find myself often thrust into that position, whether it is due to my role or my personality or perhaps both I am not entirely sure.

Edit: after rereading your post, yes, you will probably have to call out mechanics, but that is because they are affecting you and to alert the others (healers, mainly) so they can adjust accordingly, rather than the fact that you are doing it because you are leading.
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