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And thats what my concerns is about, cause where can you get better mods than the ones in pvp gear? The only mods i know about are the ones dropping in operations. Thats why im wondering if doing operations is more beneftial than it should be. i guess it comes down to how much better the replacemnets mods are. If you get 200 more endurance it will give you an aditionally 2k health! Sounds beneftial enough to me, and when those mods also have strength (if ur a sentinel) and other bonuses it sounds like its worth it.
It's not about mods, its about armorings/hilts/power crystals. Once you are full WH, you can trade some of those for the PvE equivelent and push your stats a bit higher and make medpacks and +HP talents, scale a bit better.

You can get LvL 63 PvE (~EWH)ones directly from a crafter, from the GTN, or from Operation drops. I have 5 of these items and I haven't been on a raid in 5-6 months. The easiest way to obtain them is:

1. RE WH gear for Molecular Stabilizers and Synthetic Matrix cubes.
2. Obtain the additional mats in-world, from your own crew skills, or from the GTN,
3. Then going to your server forum and finding a reputable crafter that will make them for you (give em a tip too).
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