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01.15.2020 , 09:06 AM | #1
Having played since it's inception, I've definitely seen my share of bugs and annoying features. This is all part of MMO's, something players have to be patient with.

I've also taken notice of things that could be or could have done "better". With so very many "trolls" and people that harass other players for the sake of trolling or just to be rude, below are my following suggestions for more friendly gameplay and lower the spam.

1. Toy Tossing "buffs" - Like Snowballs or Huttball toss (Outside pvp) - Allow players an option to "opt out". We have a similar feature already in our Flytext. It would "block" or not allow the toy toss buff. Much like when a Sorc bubble is on cool-down and cannot be cast.

2. All cantina areas should consistently not allow people to remain mounted. Most planets are free of this mount ability within cantina's. The only non-planet exceptions are ships or space stations. I'm referring to non-player ships of course. Since there are so many Star Wars fans that do enjoy roleplaying, having the inner rings (from the steps down), to not allow mounts would bring down the tickets of "harassment" and make for a more friendly playing experience.

3. Ignore feature. Even when /ignore is done, the player ignored can still "harass" by simply spamming any non-custom emote nearby. Please allow for the ability to completely ignore persons, so that even non-custom emotes are ignored. And OR, allow for us to turn off the ability to see non-custom emotes, examples: /hug /slap /spit . Several other MMO's allow for this feature, we would do backflips if our beloved SWTOR would allow this as well.

Sincerely - Just another gamer.