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I have a new level 12 character I created just for lowbie PvP; a level 42 (now)
I have a 40-something in mids now I run sometimes named "BorderlineBad". So if you see me, be kind! (And Lhance, I'm finding mids was popping about the same rate as lowbie - mostly arenas, but not too long a wait unless early morning EST). Some 8s now and then.

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Because that lone wolf player was defeated.
Yeah, I don't get that "run off and be a hero" thing. I tried ranked for a bit, and while I was honestly never very good, AT LEAST I could attack the agreed upon target - which, amazingly, some didn't do. How hard is it to stay with the group and attack that enemy WITH THE BIG TARGET SYMBOL RIGHT OVER THERE HEAD. Probably "advanced strats" that I don't understand.

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... At one point my guildie told me to move to another part of the map. ... a lot of other players around me running in the same direction ... the pack I was running with were enemy players.
That's hilarious. Maybe your guildie was just getting you out of the way? There's a comedy routine by Cosby where he's telling the story of an inner-city football game, and they are going over all these ridiculously complex plays, and then the "bad" kid says, "what about me, what about me!?" And the answer is "you go long".

Anyway, glad you are continuing to have fun in PvP. Now you make me want to go login and play some!

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