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Welcome to pvp. Itís good to see new blood as many people are rotating out of the game and without players like yourself, pvp would die.

Itís also fantastic that your guild mate is showing you how to properly pvp and learning the objectives. Donít stress about the combat side of things because you will get better with more practice and play time. Always remember, without the objectives, you canít win the match.

Damage is important, but you can often win matches using your brain vs those who do tonnes of damage. Hutt Ball is a good example of this.
Iíve been playing HB since launch and it was always my favourite (till last year when Vandin was added). Many times Iíve gotten zero damage or very low damage, but essentially carried my team to a win by scoring all 6 goals. Which actually meant I got the lowest medals in the game (which obviously is not fair, but it is what it is).

Also, sometimes you will see a person with very low damage or stats because they selflessly guarded a node all match that wasnít attacked. Iíve had matches with zero damage because I sat there for 10 minutes guarding. It can look like you were AFK all match.

MVPís rarely go to the people who deserve them, so I mostly ignore them unless I know someone who actually made the difference. Which means they rarely go to the highest DPS person, unless they were instrumental in preventing the other team winning the objectives and they werenít just number farming.

The medal system is very outdated and needs a complete overhaul to represent each map type and player contribution. So if I want to see who has been a top achiever in a match, I always look at the objective points over all other stats. Even they arenít perfect, but they are the best of the lot.

Anyway, itís great to see people helping and being pleasant to you. We all had to start somewhere
Keep up the good work and remember to have fun.