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Thank you for the welcomes!

Banderal, you had me laughing at your PvP experiences!
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You haven't really played Huttball until you grab the ball, run the wrong way, and then get killed in your own endzone and give the enemy team a score. (Anyone who claims they've never run the wrong way in huttball is either a liar, or they've only played it twice.)
I haven't yet, but give me time. I'm still new to Huttball.
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If they only got one medal, that might have been a backfill medal. If you backfill into a match, then you get 1 free one. And it would not surprise me at all if someone who backfilled just stood there and did nothing (there's enough people who decide to AFK when they contributed to a "bad" match from the start - but you know, they are "good", so it's obviously not their fault! ).
Thanks for this information, and all of the other tips you posted. I'd read the term "backfill" before, but never understood exactly what it meant.
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Anyway, good post. Thanks for sharing. When you get to 70, and if you are on SF and see me, don't forget to wave.

I've had further adventures with PvP. I'm still at the "mentally stopping and searching for the correct response to a situation," and no where near "immediately knows what to do." It'll come to me with time, though.

I got Alderaan Civil War again, and it's still my favorite. If I could select just that, I'd probably be queued for PvP all the time. I still played like what I am -- an absolute newbie, but for the first time I felt like I contributed something to my team besides being fodder. It was a great team. My guild mate and the other experienced PvPers carried that match. I was sometimes the only one guarding mid. I dropped AoEs to stop stealthers and my team mates came when enemy team members would go for mid, and then I'd fight too. I had a lot fun.

Huttball popped, and my guild mate said it was the OG Huttball map. I like this Huttball map much more than the Vandin map, but Huttball is still well beyond my PvP skill set. There's so much going on, and I'm still new enough to where I spend time trying to figure out what to do at a given moment. I'm still on the fence about Huttball.

Novarre Coast popped. That was ... something. I didn't get much from, or contribute much to, that match. Except for getting killed by three enemy players nearly every time I left the spawn point. I don't even remember if we won or lost, although we likely lost. I like fighting for objectives. Just fighting to fight, outside of arenas, wasn't interesting to me. If that's the norm for Novarre Coast, then I doubt I'll ever get to like it.

I continue on in my PvP adventures.