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Thanks to an incredibly patient guild mate, and the PvP Challenges feature, I've started learning to PvP.
Grats! Once you PvP you'll never go back!

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I'm only doing unranked, of course. Until I learn all the maps from PvP Challenges, I only queue for PvP with my guild mate(s).
I think don't be afraid to queue solo. I don't think I've ever seen a single person give someone new a hard time if they just type in chat at the start of the match "I'm new, sorry if I suck" or some such thing. You might get a few snarky comments from someone like me who will respond with "I've been here forever, and I still suck". But really, anyone who complains in any regs match that new people shouldn't be queuing, even at level 70 in my opinion, they deserve to be ignored. But yes, queuing in Discord with friends, so you can ask questions during the match - very smart. I wish I had done that when I started. (My first match was a Voidstar, and I literally ran the wrong way back through the doors after we got to the 2nd spawn spot. )

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In lowbies, my non-guild team members have been tolerant to very nice about my newbie-ness.
I always wonder about people who complain that their team is horrible when in lowbies. I mean, where are you *SUPPOSED* to learn if not in lowbies?

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After years of my reading some truly heinous posts about PvPers, it's been a pleasant surprise. I was so dreadful in my first PvP match, I sent the non-guild team member an apology note. They responded, and they were very kind about my PvP ineptness.
I'm actually a firm believer that most PvP'rs are decent people. Unfortunately, those majority, when things go badly, then just finish the game (or quit out), and silently move on to the next one. Which means that the few who are too attached to their own PvP-greatness or whatever, and decide to tell the rest of the team how the loss is everyone's fault but theirs... they tend to stand out. Again, ignore these people if/when you encounter them. Especially in regs. (I'd argue even ranked, but I think I'm in a small minority there, and I can at least see the point of the "ranked is only for the best of the best of the best" people.)

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So far, no pops for mid-level PvP. But, I play at odd hours.
Mid level is weird (on Star Forge). I'd get fairly regular pops in lowbies, and then mids always seems a lot less. I'd have thought that the same people who were queuing in lowbies would continue to do so in mids, but apparently I'm wrong about that. Although, there are some people who purposely stay in lows or mids, because they find those matches more fun, with all the classes having fewer abilities (for example, I find lowbie huttball to be WAY more fun than level 70 HB).

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I stayed true to my guild mate's teachings -- being about objectives, not just fighting.
You rock! (So does your guildmate for teaching you that.)

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I made one blatant mistake "chat: grass; me: I'm coming!; result: I mistakenly went to snow" d'oh! I had a lot of fun, though, and hope to get that map many times in the future.
One of my early CW matches I was a mid, and someone PM'd me to "go snow". I asked them, "which side is snow". Instead of just replaying with "east" or "west"... you know, 4 letters either way, they typed "sigh. Nevermind, I'll go". I thought, "great, not only did that take you longer to type, but now I STILL don't know where snow is."

Anyway, don't beat yourself up for getting snow/grass mixed up early on. East/West everyone would know (or should... these "kids" now a-days! ), or you know those turrets actually have *NAMES* on the map (open the map and hover over them and you can see it). But did "we" use either of those? Nope, for some strange reason we had to come up with our own.

Here's a secret though... off the top of my head, just sitting here without that map up, I STILL can't tell you if snow is west or east. For one thing, most of the time you have one side node (in any of the control-3 maps) and are fighting over mid (generalization, but anyway). So when someone says "3 inc grass" or whatever, it's about 99.999999999% chance you just have to head in the direction of the side node that is your color. If you practice keeping track of that while you are busy fighting in mid, then you will just know which way to go as soon as you see inc. (And because, sometimes you will just see "HELP!" typed in chat.)

And then a little further on in your PvP career, you will learn to anticipate where help will be needed, and when the call for "3 grass" comes in, well you will already be on your way to grass. In fact, Snave made a really good video about this...

Player Distribution AKA How to count to 8

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Despite the PvP Challenge, training with guild mates, and having a Rishi SH with the Skydeck unlocked and the large training arena deco out, I found myself overwhelmed and confused when a Huttball match popped.
You haven't really played Huttball until you grab the ball, run the wrong way, and then get killed in your own endzone and give the enemy team a score. (Anyone who claims they've never run the wrong way in huttball is either a liar, or they've only played it twice.)

I think, don't be afraid to just stay mid and help control the ball spawn area until you get more used to it. While I hate getting into a HB match and having everyone just deathmatch the whole thing... controlling mid is not the same thing. You are still deathmatching - obviously, but with purpose. Pure deathmatch people play as if the ball doesn't exist. If you are controlling mid, then you are not afraid to pick up the ball and throw it to a "ball carrier".

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My guild mate said it was the Vandin Huttball map.
Oh jeesh. Vandin sucks. Vandin is not a "real" huttball map. But yes, there are 3 different HB maps. The original is still by far the best. Quesh is the one with 3 levels stacked above each other, the ball spawn is on the bottom. A lot of people play this one deathmatch. Vandin is the biggest map (and newest), and I think even more people hate Vandin than Quesh. Or maybe equal hate.

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I've done a few 4 x 4 arenas. Once, three out of four of us were guild mates on Discord. There was co-ordination, and the match went well. I don't remember if we won or lost that match, though. In another match, we faced a full team of another guild. They were highly co-ordinated, both in tactics and with their matching outfits. I was very impressed with both their battle and satorical skills. I could tell that the other team was very good at PvP, even though it was a lowbie match. I learned some things about tactics from watching that other team.
That is a great attitude, to watch what the other team is doing and learn from it. That's where I got the importance of situational awareness from. In some early matches I remember going against a team, and losing... pretty much because every time we were about to take a node, it turned out "THAT GUY" was there. He was always there! No matter which node we tried to take. It was so annoying. And I said to myself... "I want to be like that when I grow up!" So now, while I can't say I'm even close to a good fighter, I'm at least often in the right spot, in the enemy's face, when they are trying to do something.

Quote: Originally Posted by Nmyownworld View Post
For someone considering trying PvP, other players in unranked are (for the most part, there are likely exceptions) understanding of a player's newness to PvP, especially in lowbies. In 4 x 4 arenas, check chat for targets indicated by experienced players or the enemy player with the target marker on them. In warzones, when in doubt go to the mid-zone, and don't get hyper-focused with a one-on-one slugfest with an opposing team member. It's PvP, not a duel. In warzones, after respawning after a defeat, run straight back out on the map and mix it up. There are no repair bills in PvP. Stay out of Ranked. Ranked is for very experienced PvPers, not for PvP newbies. Be familiar with your character's spec.
I think this is some of the best "very new to PvP" advice I've read. The only thing I would quibble with is the "run right back in after spawn" advice. Often this just leads to the old Kung-Fu movie cliche, where the enemies come rushing at the hero one at a time. If your team is trying to *take* an objective, then sometimes it's better to wait a bit if other respawning-teammates are on the way back. Then you can go in and make it a 5v5, instead of 5 different 5v1's.

If you are defending, however, I think it's usually better to rush back in. Because even if you are outnumbered, you only have to survive (and interrupt their cap attempts) long enough for the next guy on your team to show up. And nothing is better than stopping a team which *SHOULD* be able to take the node from you... but they can't quite figure out that tactic of one of them CC'ing the incoming defenders.

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Tighten up on not rewarding being afk in a match. I have a screen shot of a scoreboard where at least two afkers received a medal. Why are players with zeroes in every category of the final scoreboard at the end of a 10 (15?) minute match getting even one medal?
If they only got one medal, that might have been a backfill medal. If you backfill into a match, then you get 1 free one. And it would not surprise me at all if someone who backfilled just stood there and did nothing (there's enough people who decide to AFK when they contributed to a "bad" match from the start - but you know, they are "good", so it's obviously not their fault! ).

Anyway, good post. Thanks for sharing. When you get to 70, and if you are on SF and see me, don't forget to wave.

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