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Thanks to an incredibly patient guild mate, and the PvP Challenges feature, I've started learning to PvP. So far I've only done a few PvP matches, but I intend to continue. Before starting to PvP I was concerned that my expectedly bad PvPing would be seen as trying to cheat in some way, but after looking at my scorecards, I think my PvPing shows up as what it is: someone who isn't very good at PvP, but is trying. That's a relief.

I'm only doing unranked, of course. Until I learn all the maps from PvP Challenges, I only queue for PvP with my guild mate(s). With Discord, my poor guild mate is peppered during matches with me asking, "What? What? Where? What?" in their ear while they play, and they still answer me. Did I mention my guild mate is awesome?

In lowbies, my non-guild team members have been tolerant to very nice about my newbie-ness. After years of my reading some truly heinous posts about PvPers, it's been a pleasant surprise. I was so dreadful in my first PvP match, I sent the non-guild team member an apology note. They responded, and they were very kind about my PvP ineptness.

So far, no pops for mid-level PvP. But, I play at odd hours.

So This is PvP. Hello!

For someone considering trying PvP, other players in unranked are (for the most part, there are likely exceptions) understanding of a player's newness to PvP, especially in lowbies. In 4 x 4 arenas, check chat for targets indicated by experienced players or the enemy player with the target marker on them. In warzones, when in doubt go to the mid-zone, and don't get hyper-focused with a one-on-one slugfest with an opposing team member. It's PvP, not a duel. In warzones, after respawning after a defeat, run straight back out on the map and mix it up. There are no repair bills in PvP. Stay out of Ranked. Ranked is for very experienced PvPers, not for PvP newbies. Be familiar with your character's spec.

To BW:

I think the PvP Challenge feature is spectacular. Without it, it's likely I never would have tried PvP.

Tighten up on not rewarding being afk in a match. I have a screen shot of a scoreboard where at least two afkers received a medal. Why are players with zeroes in every category of the final scoreboard at the end of a 10 (15?) minute match getting even one medal?

Overall, I'm having fun in my PvP experience.