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PvE Heal Concerns

Please don't be too upset by the shortness of the PvE section but I don't PvE and it doesn't get nearly as much thought as it should but I do hate some aspects of our class when it comes to PvE healing.

Resurgence Issue

Resurgence is the most worthless mechanic I have ever seen. Wasting a GCD on a heal that does very little just so that your other talents don't bankrupt your force is extremely dumb in my opinion. Possible changes to this mechanic:

-Lower or take it off the GCD
-Increase the healing ticks and armor granted a little more
-Give it two charges that can be used as you please. (IE one on innervate and one on quick heal)

As someone who mains on a Sorc Healer, I don't feel that Resurgence is even a bad mechanic let alone a worthless one. I feel that it was a decent compromise for getting us some Force Regen, when all other healers can use their Ranged attacks to regen their resource. As a matter of fact they actually made it much better with 2.0 because it can reduce the Force cost of Revivification while 3 stacks of Force Bending make that an instant cast.

My biggest concern with Sorc Healing is that instead of buffing the other healing classes they nerfed Sorc Healers way back.
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