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The top members of the REAL Most Powerful List are all banned, funnily enough that list informed by decision.

I don't even need to check to know that Exar Kun is not close to Luke Skywalker in anything.

Anyway, perhaps there is an argument to be made that Revan and Surik can defeat Luke. But considering they supposedly struggle with Horn and Saba, and considering Luke's own abilities. I personally doubt it. I am not prepared to convince myself, nor do I have the patience to convince others, that your claim is true. So its best not to try.

I'm afraid that's where this discussion ends, I respect your viewpoint, but its not a change I'm prepared to make and at this rate this discussion is only going to turn increasingly sour, so I suggest we put a lid on it.
Horn and Saba can defeat Luke 2v1. But yes its clear these forums are not ready to debate a character like GM Luke with civility, so you are right. I thought maybe they were with the allowance of Revan and how that used to be, but clearly not yet you are right.