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01.18.2019 , 02:07 PM | #1 This is the last staff post in this thread.  

Technically I think this is refresh 3, but I never posted notes for refresh 2, so we're running with it and just sort of combining the notes. I won't tell if you don't.

Also no chorus of screams from upping the encounter to 252 so.... I guess we'll run with it >.>

More seriously, things seem to be cleaning up nicely. This refresh is more subtle QOL/Readability tweaks, and some feedback items brought up by all of you. I think we might actually squeeze in one more refresh early next week, so that we can get some performance information about our last few FX tweaks... so keep the feedback coming

Hive of the Mountain Queen:

  • The Hive of the Mountain Queen area now has a placeholder loading screen of an operative trying to stealthily sneak past the Royal Guards
  • Royal Guards now see through stealth.
  • Grenadiers now see through stealth and have Alertness.
  • Viscounts now have Interrupt Immunity
  • Fixed a bug where the Viscount's Pheromonic Blast ability was not properly interacting with pre-cracked eggs.
  • Egg VFX (everywhere in the hive) have been adjusted to make them more readable at a glance, and at range.
    • Cracked eggs' crack light shafts now extend further away from the egg, creating a much more pronounced halo of light
    • Empowered (Growth Hormone'd) eggs now increase in size, pulse, and their fiery uh... anger aura (?) is now red.
  • Hive of the Mountain Queen achievements are now categorized under Operations>Epic Enemies to match other lair bosses. The "Hive of the Mountain Queen" category there now correctly shows its name and has a background image.
  • Trophy portraits have been added and hooked up to the boss kill achievements. Traditional, tasteful, and chic; these framed pieces effortlessly accent any decor scheme, while giving your guests a glimpse into your exciting and adventurous night life.
  • Eggs in the hive no longer show nameplates to improve performance and encounter readability (a lot of green text all over everything isn't tremendously helpful). Unfortunately, as a consequence this means you won't be able to track their health bar when they're hit with a caustic dot. I think the pros outweigh the cons here, but if people feel strongly it can be reverted.

Mutated Geonosian Queen:

All Modes:
  • Caustic Drones and Elite Royal Guards will now die when the Mutated Geonosian Queen is defeated. Don't say we never do anything nice for you all. One of these days I'm going to make an encounter that resets if you fail to kill the remaining adds after the boss dies.
  • To aid in at-a-glance readability of the encounter state, Bantling Lacerators have had their toughness reduced to Strong (silver star). Their damage/health values have been counter-scaled so mechanically nothing's changed (well, more precisely, they'll be within 1%, subject to the vagaries of rounding error).
  • Adjusted the Queen's ability logic to ameliorate an issue that causes the Queen to occasionally abort her casts of Pheromonic Blast for no reason. It might still happen (there's technically still a race condition), but it should be much rarer. Note that it's still the case (and intended) that the Queen's cast will still be interrupted if the target dies or vanishes, as it is a targeted ability. If this in itself winds up being too abusable, we can pull the ability back one more step to be untargeted, but that's less fun.
  • Tweaked the logic of Growth Hormone (and Local Growth) to try and mitigate an issue where it could pick eggs for empowerment that were in the process of hatching and/or being destroyed. The changes should decrease the time window where this can happen, though I can't guarantee that it's completely gone.

  • Decreased the damage multiplier of Mass Pheromonic Blast from 0.5 to 0.4. (So it now does 40% of the base damage of Pheromonic Blast, down from 50%). This should make the burst from Mass Pheromonic Blast a bit more survivable.
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