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I've played 13 max level matches so far and only won 2 of those 13. Those other 11 matches my teammates ran into a jumbled mess in the middle of the map somewhere and started fighting forever(I'm assuming to rack up medals?) with seemingly little regard for objectives to actually win the map. Am I missing something? Is medal farming more efficient than winning? I was also quite embarrassed when I grabbed the huttball and tried to tank walk my way all the way to the goal only to instantly drop dead since I wasn't aware they had put a time limit on the damn thing lol.
I queued today and went 8-1. Welcome to the world of solo queuing in any pvp game thats not 1v1. If you want matches to feel less random then make a premade.

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Lastly what's up with optimization? The game somehow feels.....worse than it did back in 2012, or maybe I've just been spoiled by other games so much that I forgot how bad the FPS/lag/overall jank of this game actually was/is. Even with all my settings on low, I just feel like I can barely see what I'm doing with the amount of FPS drops and characters glitching/freeze framing around the map.
They have improved optimizations, but at the same time they have increased graphics and other effects. Current max settings are not the same as 2012 max settings. Welcome to a hacked together incomplete engine.

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Are there any quick tips/easy nuances I should know for getting valor? I realize that the valor ranks are meaningless now, it's just for old time sake I'd like to finish the grind just for the title.
Not really. Buy a valor boost and just grind away.