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Hello all...

I've been crafting a bunch of items recently in my Armormech skill and I was under the initial impression that Power would be a better way to go ...instead of nearly identical items that instead have Critical.

This was based on the idea that power basically increases EVERY attack... and critical only happens on a seldom basis.

However, I noticed that 60 points in Power is only netting me 11 bonus damage points ...or something measly like that.

Should I focus more on making items that increase my critical chance???? Would that be a more worthy choice???

Thanks for your advice!

I think Lunabaguna gave some sound advice above.

What you need to realize first, is you are almost never done "balancing" your character, every time you upgrade start re-balancing. That being said, there are some general "guidelines" I follow when trying to "optimize" performance:

Healer and DPS:

I try to get my stats in this "neighborhood", and mind you it changes per advanced class (like critical chance on my watchman-sentinel, I don't try to stack it) I also do not PvP, these are strictly for my PvE characters.

Critical chance: 35-40%
Surge: 70-75%
Main stat: 1800 (really easy to over-reach this number even in Rakata gear)
Alacrity: (healer only) 5-10% (not that I try...just really hard to avoid even if you want to)
Accuracy: (watchman-sentinel only) 100% because I use the default attack SO often to build focus
Accuracy: (other DPS) 95% should be more than enough
AFTER THE ABOVE NUMBERS ARE MET: MOAR POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now mind you there are some specs and advanced classes that these numbers will not work well for (like sage DPS and alacrity builds for spamming attacks). Take it with a grain of salt and understand your character. The reason I don;t stack crit on my watchmen sentinel is the "zen" ability, which guarantees crits on my burns.