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Its really not that simple. Power does not have diminishing returns, crit does. Initially, for nearly anyone looking to increase dmg or healing, crit will initially give much larger returns. However, there is both a soft and a hard cap for crit. Generally, the following list will give you the best damage returns. Note that the accuracy soft cap here is 100% (so 10% accuracy). This is the point where your miss rate goes as low as it can, over this it starts removing enemy defense.

Accuracy, up until soft cap
Surge, up until 200
Crit, up until 300
Main Stat (cunning/str/willpower/aim)
Crit, up until 400
Surge, up until 250
Crit, beyond 400
Surge, beyond 250
Accuracy, beyond soft cap

*These numbers are from theorycrafting at Its hard to tell exact numbers atm, as there is no combat log or parsing. But this is a list based off char screen stat bonuses you get from these stats.
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