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10.15.2015 , 09:02 AM | #78
With 4.0 being less than a week away, I'll do my best to update my guide accordingly, that is, if people have found it helpful at all. The only change I see in the rotation is prioritizing Fly-By/OS much more since our AoE-Critical Chance is increasing by 15%. I'd also highly suggest running with the opener that uses IG/PP before the first Speed Shot/Series of Shots. If someone feels the urge to redo my possibly outdated guide, I'm all for it, however, with this being the only change to the spec, a whole new guide shouldn't be necessary. I'm quite busy during the week, so I may not be able to test the changes and update the guide as fast as I was able to in the past. Just throwing all of this out there for you folks to think about.
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