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To be clear, what I was trying to say is that looking at server closure trends is probably the closest you could get to accuracy without hard numbers. You could maybe extrapolate some percentages from the number of servers closed over time. Though granted we'd have to assume a certain level of consistency in how low a server pop needs to get before they consider closing it.

But hard numbers aside, it's pretty obvious the game is at its lowest point in terms of population, at a meager 5 servers. Whether 5.0 is explicitly to blame for some of that, people can argue over the fine details of, but I'm sure there are plenty who could anecdotally testify to losing guildies or entire guilds worth of guildies - if they were still around to testify, which is part of the problem in getting anecdotal backup on this stuff... many of the people who could confirm are not here to do so.

Which is why it amuses me when people who are still here try to act like there's nothing wrong. It's sort of like saying, "Well I'm still here!" to an empty room. Not a lot of people around to challenge you...
Except that, trying to assign a reason to those closures throws any actual "science" out the window. What were the first servers screaming about merges being needed? The PvP servers. So, if I use your scientific method of proof, then PvP needs to be abandoned because it's not able to sustain it's own servers? Now I'm not really sure, but one of the drops in server numbers, not population, but number of servers, was the closure of the PvP servers, and the toggle between PvP and PvE on every other server.

This is a niche game, with a niche audience. The majority of fans are in my age bracket, and may not even play video games. Some are mad, even now, that this wasn't KotoR 3, or SWG 2. Some are mad that the entirety of the game wasn't the same as Vanilla. I'm not really mad about it, but that was a major reason that I played, I mean, if you ignore the planetary missions for both factions, it's essentially 8 games in one until then. The gamer in me craves a swtor where that ran for the entirety of the game. The guy that has bills to pay every month? He understands that it takes a team of writers dedicated to each class, and this game can't support that. If it had every sub from beta to now, it couldn't support that.

People were mad that it wasn't KotoR 3 or SWG 2 from launch, among other things, and left in droves in the first year. Being mad about what a game isn't is not something that a game developer can fix, especially if they can't make said sequels, for whatever reason. Then there's the hyperbole of "I don't like this, so you shouldn't either, and if you do, you're not a player", that sparked our interaction in this thread. It's clear they wanted a return to vanilla style game development, and it's also clear that they have no concept for how much that would cost. It's not pure laziness that brought about single story arcs, it's also cost to produce 8 stories per world that make any kind of narrative sense. How would one write 8 stories that led back to the FPs that end Ilum, for example?

With this, comes an even greater burn out factor. After all, KotFE style burn out isn't new to this game, it starts with Ilum, and carries forward from there, and Ilum, last I checked, isn't 5.0 or later. So trying to attribute this to 5.0, claiming that nobody asked for it w/out any actual documentation, all while claiming "I don't like it, and if you do you're not a player" doesn't really add to the conversation.
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Also, just a small point. Why should anyone who plays this game exclusively for any particular type of content, have to run a different type of content just to earn gear? What is that attitude all about?