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I'd say without any concrete numbers, trying to analyze percentages is meaningless
To be clear, what I was trying to say is that looking at server closure trends is probably the closest you could get to accuracy without hard numbers. You could maybe extrapolate some percentages from the number of servers closed over time. Though granted we'd have to assume a certain level of consistency in how low a server pop needs to get before they consider closing it.

But hard numbers aside, it's pretty obvious the game is at its lowest point in terms of population, at a meager 5 servers. Whether 5.0 is explicitly to blame for some of that, people can argue over the fine details of, but I'm sure there are plenty who could anecdotally testify to losing guildies or entire guilds worth of guildies - if they were still around to testify, which is part of the problem in getting anecdotal backup on this stuff... many of the people who could confirm are not here to do so.

Which is why it amuses me when people who are still here try to act like there's nothing wrong. It's sort of like saying, "Well I'm still here!" to an empty room. Not a lot of people around to challenge you...
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