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Let me give you a hint. Lets start with the release of 5.0 and then before 6.0 servers had to merge. You can try and pump sunshine all you want but you're out of touch with the community.

2nd hint ( since you seem to need them): a lot of players left
I'll bet ya', right now, with no access to numbers at all, that more people left in the first year than have left between the end of the first year and now. I'd also be willing to bet that it was orders of magnitude higher than what has left since 5.0 to now. I come and go all the time, releases don't have anything to do with it, burn out does. The smoke you're blowing is stinking up the place, let's give it a break.

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Yeah that sums it up pretty much.

All good to say how enjoyable the pirate event was. Though from the number of people that were pissed off over the mine quest and nearly everyone just wanted to skip as much of the 4 man heroics as possible it might be argued people didn't find it fun.
That's "interesting". So all the people skipping parts of raids over the years, or skipping parts of FPs never found them fun either? I'm going to lay something on ya' that you need to know before you start putting "people skipped part of it, so it wasn't fun" out there: People skip parts of raids in every MMO I've played. People have been doing it for as long as there have been raids/FP type content where it can happen. It predates swtor by years.

It did show very clearly though that the idea that hard content should be worth more, with group content just assumed as being harder than solo is flawed. Hell running through trash and fight Hugo was hardly in anyway difficult. Even after the change people just suicided to get to the door. They weren't rewarding people for being better or taking or more challenging content. The only real challenge with the heroics was if you actually wanted to enjoy the content and play it.

I cant remember when Ossus came out but are we looking at roughly two bits of content for the entire year. That's not love. Think what that is, is seeing how far you can stretch the loyalty of the player base and how little you can offer and they will stick around for. Turns out if the activity in game is anything to go by, not that little. But not to worry they have a plan, another gear grind cause they are still following MMO models of 10 years ago where everything is based around getting people to run Hammer Station again and again for the 8th year running to grind out gear to replace what they have already got that is now no longer fit for the level synicing content.
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Also, just a small point. Why should anyone who plays this game exclusively for any particular type of content, have to run a different type of content just to earn gear? What is that attitude all about?