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So it just happen like this My old toon choice :
- Play the first time in story mode
- Dont kneel to Valk
- Save the factory nearly explode
- Flirt with Lana everytime even in SoR
- Accept Valk power everytime And at the Cantina scene in chapter IX the romace option appear
My second replay chapter I in story mode in a new character :
- Kneel to Valk
- Dont save the factory
- Still Flirt with Lana everytime even in SoR but also in the SoR Ashara begin have relationship romance with me
- Accept Valk power everytime
- Koth leave the Alli
- And at the Cantina scene it dont have the option flirt with lana to begin romance
Does my second toon choice affect the second replay ?
It's not a replay. ("Replay" in the context of KotFE and KotET usually refers to a character repeating a chapter he previously played.)

1. The second character's choices are completely independent of the first character's choices.

2. Each character's story consequences depend solely on that character's choices.

3. It is possible to make choices that will prevent you from locking in the Lana / Koth / Theron romances even if you flirted consistently. EDIT: kneeling to V and using his power consistently are probably high on that list. END-EDIT

4. The Ashara romance takes place, in narrative time, during the class story, which is long before SoR, and does not affect the availability of the Lana romance. (The same is true of all the class-companion story romances.)

5. If Koth leaves the alliance, he does so after Chapter X, which is after the Chapter IX cantina scene.

6. There is at least one bug that can prevent the Lana or Koth romances from being lockable, triggered if BioWare releases a patch during your journey from Chapter I to Chapter IX. Simple back-end maintenance doesn't count for this purpose.

7. There is at least one bug that can cause the game to completely forget that you romanced Lana (and probably Koth or Theron).
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