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07.24.2019 , 11:25 AM | #13
I'll be blunt, just because I know of what I'm talking about and I don't want this class to be played just because of its cool concept but also for its viability in what will be the next meta.

If for casual players these *things* may not seem a big problem or some may even look "interesting to try", for me they were not.

Most of Deception TI and bonuses are straight awful and make no sense whatsoever. They have no synergy, no creativity and some must be just plain troll (PS from Stealth gives the next ability an autocrit??).
You took away the Set cd reduction on Recklessness which is a huge penalty in terms of damage.

Hatred buffs are bad and mostly a copy/paste of Madness. Hell, you didn't even have the decency to remember that Hatred spreads with Lacerate instead of Deathfield. And btw who cares of spreading Force Slow in the first place?!

Darkness is gonna get good buffs, like every other tank AGAIN will do, since you apparenly want us to spend a whole day in pvp to kill a tank+healer. TTK is gonna be longer than relationships I had.
You have given us a new skill that is totally worthless in pve and arguably so in pvp.

Do you want us to compare this stuff with what Concealment is gonna receive? Because we have seen it already.

My feedback is that you should hire someone competent that understands how Assassin/Shadow works in ranked and nim ops, seriously. For some reason you're creating a huge gap between this dps class and the rest and it would be great if some of you up there could realize this.

Meanwhile we have Juggs spamming Vengeful Slams, Lightning parsing crazy numbers, Maras globalling people with absurd bursts and Operatives with Phase Walks, buffed rolls and double stuns. I'm not even gonna talk about Sniper, but that's another mess right there.

Just get someone good at playing your own game and ask him what's the place of sins in all this, aside hiding out of the fight with his double cloak.

Thank you very much.