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That would be surprising. I even take back what I said about even specced sages cleansing vans dots, the spec is to remove physical effects not tech ones. Back on the topic, there is white damage which is normal and yellow which is either force or tech. Sages can cleanse force effects and ops/mercs tech effects (see also this thread post number 3). I would be damned if an op/merc can cleanse sentinels force attacks as they are not supposed to do so and a sage cannot who is meant to be. Maybe there were more than 2 mental/force effects on you when you cleansed them? I dont't know how they are selected so maybe that's why.

EDIT: yes you can certainly cleanse force exhaustion/crush for the same reasons you can cleanse sent/mara burn/bleed effect.
EDIT: For the same reason you can cleanse weaken mind/affliction or mind crush/crusing darkness on you cast from another sage/sorc. An ope/merc cannot cleanse themselves.
There is an ability in the sorc healer tree called : Sith purity . Consequences of this ability is that now purge removes physical effects as well, bleeding is a physical effect is not ? It is not normal for the marauder to have a tech effect. It can either be a physical or force effect.
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