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Yes I know what you mean with cleansing, but it's very rare. It is only one class that can cleanse the anni attacks (sages) and it is not as easy to spot who needs cleansing if there is a big crowd. As a healer sage I might throw it as part of my rotation if there are force dots, but when I play as a dps sage it has to be called as it is fairly difficult to spot it in the millions of debuffs.

Yes I agree, rage is not the best tree of maras for 1v1 and it's more for aoe, but overall it is still very good in comparison to all dps specs of all classes. Zen fills up your focus bar which allows to use hard hitting abilities, in other words rage has the easiest focus management and I very very rarely use my basic attack when playing this spec. Can't say the same for watch/anni, especially if you dont take the 0m leap and you go for force cammo as many builds have suggested.
Wrong about the dots. The watchman/ anni dots can be cleanse by operatives and mercs, sorcs can only cleanse those if they are specced as heals.
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