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You can choose any of the following responses for your questions OP:

- We're looking into it, but currently do not have an ETA. Thank you for your patience. (the ultimate answer for everything)
- We will fix these within 2 weeks (said no one ever from BW)
- No dev feedback (most likely scenario)... seriously, what was the last time you got an actual worthwhile feedback on pvp and class balance? There had been hundreds of posts whining on bubblepop and smash, not a single dev feedback (maybe there was one on the bubble thing but nothing happened there either).

It's not like I don't agree with your query, but it's unrealistic it will be answered by any dev. Recently they either don't patch servers, or just do cartel market updates.
Well they did say they wanted to improve the interaction with us, so here is their chance ,a post quoting a dev on the issue , and questions directed to the dev team. IF they really want to improve feedback here is their chance.

Also with some stuff from 1.7 datamined I would hope they would manifest and say something about it....
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